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AMADEUS - 浄められた夜

Hey, hi!
Last saturday I've recorded a song from the AMADEUS "SUMMER TOUR" video for a friend so, I decided to share it on youtube.
The song is called " 浄められた夜  ", and they havent released it on any of their CDs or demos.

Unfortunatelly, I havent converted it to DVD yet, so, I had to record it thourgh the television using my mobile.
For my surprise the quality arent that bad, the video quality are pretty ok and you can perfectly listen to the song using earphones, you can even hear my dogs barking for some seconds xD 

I think this is the first time this song and video are shared on the internet, so I hope you enjoy it :3
Soon as I convert it to DVD I'll be riping and sharing a better version with you guys so, see ya~!

Art Sensation and the power of 霧人形

A little late but I finally got my copy of Art Sensation. yay
I must say I wasnt very excited about this release, and the fact that Brazilian post are having lots of troubles with international stuff didnt help it. 

We (me and some other friends) had to wait more than a month, pay high taxes, and i had to wait more than a hour and a half in the post office to get the package. So, you can imagine, I wasnt that happy. 
But now, listening to 霧人形 (kiri ningyiou?) I can say: IT WAS WORTHY! 
Everyday I've waited, every extra money I had to expend, every minute I had to wait on the post office to get the package re worthy for this song. 

Really, only Art Cube can do such a thing with a simple song, no matter how angry I get with their ways of release, they always put a smile on my face, even when I'm having so many problems like now.

Thats why I always followed and I always will be following these guys, because they have the power to do these things with me. 

Art Sensation

 So, they finally released "Art Sensation" cover. 

What can I say? A really really bad cover art xD 
Since it is a couple release, I was expectiong something nice for this cover but unfortunatelly that's not what we're going to get :-(

But as far as we get good music, I'll not really care for this ;)

This is Art Sensation:

And this is my version of Art Sensation:

It only took me 40 minutes to do. I'm not saying it is awesome but I think it looks good and shows my vision of an "Art Sensation", If I did it in 40 minutes, what does all the bandmembers could do in months? 

Ohhh the gaaaames

So, who likes video games?  :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

I just realized that I never really talked about games here, but yes, I love video games! 
My favourites are Final Fantasy, Resident Evil and Metal Gear.  Yeah, my taste for games are a little "oldschool" but those are games that I really enjoy playing since my childhood, of course I playied a lot of Super Mario and Sonic as everyone else, but these haven't marked me thath much. 

Lately I've been playing Resident Evil, I just cleaned my room few days ago and I found all my games, that includes a huge Resident Evil collection so, why not to start playing all the games again? xD The good thing is that Resident Evil dont requires a lots of your time like Final Fantasy, so I could have lots of fun playing then again.

I'm currently playing all the scenarios in Resident Evil 2 and doing all the secrets, so, I have a funny Idea to a drawing. 

T-103, Tyrant, Mr.X

This is, T-103, also known as Tyrant or Mr.X, a Biological Weapon that you have to fight along the game. 
Back in 1999 when I playied this game for the first time and I didn't really know what this guy really was I used to call him "Tio Chico".
Who is "Tio Chico" ? Does any of you remember the "Addams Family" show? So, You'll probaly remember of Uncle Fester, "Tio Chico" is how they called him in the brazilian version of the show. 

  uncle Fester

So, I decided to draw this: 

Claire X uncle Fester

And I'm really proud of this drawing XD I think I never did a funny drawing, It is a cute mangá version of Claire Redfield, one of the main character on the RE series ready to punch uncle Fester. If I can think Mr.X is uncle Fester, she can think uncle Fester is Mr.X, right? xD
Claire Redfield

As I really enjoyed drawing this, I'll be probably doing more soon as I get time xD And sure, I'll post them here. 

So, that's it! I'll try to post something more tomorrow, probably about some vinyl records I also found while I was cleaning my room.

I wish a nice saturday night for you guys :-)

see ya~


 Hey people whats up?
Its been a while since my last update, I didn't have much to talk in the last months.

About a year ago, I bought the "SUMMER TOUR" AMADEUS video and a bootleg from DIS INFERNO II, it never arrived, I tried to contact the seller but he didn't replied me so I just tried to forget it.
Some weeks ago I got home and my grandma said there was a package from the US waiting for me, I had no idea what was that package since I havent ordered anything in a while, I opened it and for my surprise it was the VHS! Yeah, I got really really surprised I never tought the guy had really sent it, and after a year you have to think like this.  xD
Unfortunatelly he didn't sent the bootleg disc but its Ok, at least I got the video and now my AMADEUS collection is almost complete. I have the Cds and videos, the only thing I still don't have is the "hie ta kokoro ni tousou wo" tape. 

Its a pretty cool video, it contains something like a PV of a unreleased song that I believe its called "浄められた夜". 

I took some pictures of the video since I haven't converted it to DVD yet, take a look:

Seiji looks adorable in the last picture!
Did you recognize it? I hope yes!
It is suposed to be Erina from VII-SENSE. 
Mirra is doing a fan-project for the band and since I know everyone will do things for Juka or Mikage I did mine to Erina, that is a guy that I have a lot of respect, since DIO.
Its not the best dreawing in the world but I did it with a really bad mouse and I'm satisfied with the result.  I'll only change one thing or another before send it. 
See ya ~

New year!

Huraaay! Its new years eve and I'll probably be all day bored at home -_-
So I decided to update here, its been a long time since the last time I updated this in english hu? 

But lets talk about my favourite artists because, yeah its the only thing I have to talk about. (almost)

As you can see on the picture, I received my copies of Art Cube and D+SECT!
get those stuff cheered me up a little because in the same day Nana, my syster passed away. 
Not a real syster, she was a cat actually but she was here since... forever, I grew up with her and I think she died with 17 years. Its a life, everyone were really upset :(
But she is in a better place now, and I'm sure I'll meet her again someday. 

Back in the CDs, both of them are really great, specially D+SECT, of course. 
But I'll talk about Art Cube first and then I'll try to make a good review for D+SECT. 

Ok, its just a compilation, but it has a new song and a remastered one and some really great new band pictures. 

The new song, kaigenkyo, really surprised me! Its heavy and fast song that we could say its a mix of shitsurakuchou and rurisame with a darker atmosphere and a amazing chorus!
There is a lot of keyboards, probably made in a computer but still keyboards, a member of THE "FUZZ" is credited for the programming on this song, so i think he is the one who made the keyboard. 

The remastered song is rurisame, I don't know if we can call that remastered but the instruments are a bit cleaner they even tried to fix Seiji voice that was a little 'muffled' (I dont know if this is the right word, so, sorry if I say anything strange haha).

And in heavy songs like Soaring awakening and False prayer there is some differences in the mix of the guitars, nothing that you'll tell "Omg its different!" just tiny changes. 

So, I really recommend to buy this album, even if you already own all their previous releases like me I think its worth. 

On the internet news, Art Cube has a new MySpace now.
i don't know why they deleted the old one, but they created a new one.
link: http://www.myspace.com/artcube-jp-official

Please add them to your friends list and show it to your friends, its easy and will not take much of your time!

Dual Core Sound Enterprise home page opened today, so take a look, its the new Art Cube's label!
link: http://dualcore-sound.com/index_pc.html

I'll miss you, my little Nana ♥


Alguns de vocês devem se lembrar do kasoukyoku, single live-only que o Art Cube lançou dia 20 de agosto no oneman 「真夏に降る香想曲」.

Pois bem, vou comentar um pouco sobre o que achei do single, e demorei pra fazer essa review, foi pura preguiça e sono xD

Confesso que antes desse single chegar eu estava bem desanimado com a pessima situação em que o Art Cube aparentava estar, o M saiu e a Sequence Records não parecia estar em seus melhores dias apesar de ter realizado um evento muito legal. (E como imaginei, ela não estava mesmo :( )

Mas vamos lá. 
Começando pela capa, é uma arte feita pelo Z. 
Aparentemente é a mesma menininha de hanahikage~Petal~ e é um desenho legal, mas o photoshop ruim faz com que a capa fique com um aspecto um pouco amador, mas ainda assim é bonita, e eu gostei. 

Agora vamos falar das musicas, rs

Diferente de hanahikage~Petal~, kasoukyoku é uma musica um tanto complexa, com uma atmosfera soturna, misteriosa, nostalgica e de uma gentileza enorme, um rock sinfonico do jeito que só o Art Cube sabe fazer.

A introdução é marcada por vários samples de teclado, piano, cello e harpa sintetizada, além de alguns strings que acompanham um baixo tom de voz do Z, que logo é completado por simples acordes de Y, mas que fazem toda a diferença do mundo, talvez um ponto 'chave' da musica tenha sido a guitarra. Lembram-se da guitarra em Le Ciel do MALICE MIZER? É aquele estilo e foi a coisa que mais apreciei logo que ouvi a musica, é impossivel parar de escutar :P

É no refrão que todos os instrumentos ficam em evidencia e também onde Z sobe o tom de sua voz para o normal, um refrão maravilhoso e um dos que mais me contagiaram nesses 3 anos de Art Cube, o refrão é seguido de uma ponte que lembra uma 'marchinha' ou algo do tipo rs que é completado por uma 'virada' encantadora e misteriosa de cello sintetizado, que logo dá espaço a uma grande 'explosão' de S e N seguidos por Y em um ótimo e bem executado solo, gritante.

kasoukyoku é uma 'power balad' tipica e unica (me entendem? haha), que conta com composição de Y e letras de N.
Se essa foi a despedida do M, ele fez algo maravilhoso e inesquecivel.

E como uma power balad, bota power na musica seguinte hã?

Vários de vocês já devem conhecer False prayer pois existe uma demo dessa musica no site oficial (ela também é tocada completa em uma entrevista), mas não do jeito que é apresentada aqui!
Ela ganhou uma cara nova, um arranjo que a deixou com um estilo bem proximo ao new metal em seus riffs e gritos, parecida com Soaring awakening.

Confesso que gosto mais da versão demo por aparentar ser menos pesada, mas sem menosprezar o trabalho que eles fizeram com essa nova versão que não deixa de ser ótima e divertida, é o tipo de musica em que imagino o S se divertindo haha, esse cara é simplesmente um MONSTRO da bateria, um dos melhores que já vi no japão, quem sabe no mundo? (Sem querer puxar sardinha por que ele está no Art Cube rs)

Mas apesar de ser repetitiva, essa musica apresenta alguns grandes momentos, como uma narração bem obscura falando de coisas como "trevas e pesadelos" que é seguida por um refrão muito contagiante e também o solo, que é um dos mais legais que o Y já fez no Art Cube. (vocês podem escutar essa parte no sample)

Sem mais a acrescentar, um ótimo single que na minha opinião poderia ter sido comercial, talvez kasoukyoku fizesse mais 'sucesso' que hanahikage.

Então é isso, espero que gostem!
Não sou profissional e não sei alguns termos tecnicos, mas espero que todos entendam o que quis dizer. 

Agora é aguardar o 'BEST' album que o Art Cube lança dia 22 de dezembro e contará com uma nova musica chamada "戒幻郷".
Sem se esquecer também do novo album do Moi dix Mois, o D+SECT, que será lançado dia 15 de dezembro.

Vamos encerrar com o preview de D+SECT!

Aug. 17th, 2010

Just a quick update;

Last week I finally received 'ludwig no shozo' and 'kasumi/In the Mist'!
I never understood why I took so long to buy those Cds, but after receiving it I can say:
Those cds totally worth all the wait!
Both are new and sealed, 'kasumi' comes with a postcard with a poll asking your opinion about the CD and stuff, pretty cool.

But now I'm going to bed. Tommorrow (and all the week) I have to wake up early to work so, I think I'll only be around here again at the weekend.

A nice week for all of you ~

I just saw that NeoWing/CDJapan is making a poll about the most promissing new visual kei band.
So please, vote for Art Cube, because I know and you know that they are the most promissing band nowdays. xD

link: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/polls.cgi/enq/26

vol.3 ~aisuru omaetachi he...~

Lots of things hapenned this week and I had a lot of fun.
I just noticed how the world cup is a nice and fun event. Althought I never liked soccer was pretty cool to be with my family and friends cheering for Brazil.
Unfortunatelly Brazil have lost the game for Netherlands because of their own mistakes, but its okay maybe we'll won the next world cup that will be here in Brazil. 



This is a AFTER IMAGE video so, its awesome. xD
It features a video collage with all the aisuru omaetachi he songs, four live songs, random scenes of them in a car and a beutiful intrumental version of mugen.
The weirdest fact in this video is the fanservice.
Rayka was doing the solo for DEAD OR DREAM and Seiji suddenly came and kissed him.

I know, lots of visual kei bands do this to get more attention and see their fangirls crazy... but I never thought I would see Seiji doing something like this xD Hugs are okay, but huge kisses in the mouth... :(
But its ok, in 1994 they were bad young and immature boys trying to be famous.

some caps:

So thats it for today. 
PS: thanks for all the help KENZI!


Quick post about AFTER IMAGE (again!)

Some people were asking me for a upload of Memories, yeah... I told I would not upload those stuff to public anymore, but I'm a good person so...:

Enjoy ^^