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Ohhh the gaaaames

So, who likes video games?  :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

I just realized that I never really talked about games here, but yes, I love video games! 
My favourites are Final Fantasy, Resident Evil and Metal Gear.  Yeah, my taste for games are a little "oldschool" but those are games that I really enjoy playing since my childhood, of course I playied a lot of Super Mario and Sonic as everyone else, but these haven't marked me thath much. 

Lately I've been playing Resident Evil, I just cleaned my room few days ago and I found all my games, that includes a huge Resident Evil collection so, why not to start playing all the games again? xD The good thing is that Resident Evil dont requires a lots of your time like Final Fantasy, so I could have lots of fun playing then again.

I'm currently playing all the scenarios in Resident Evil 2 and doing all the secrets, so, I have a funny Idea to a drawing. 

T-103, Tyrant, Mr.X

This is, T-103, also known as Tyrant or Mr.X, a Biological Weapon that you have to fight along the game. 
Back in 1999 when I playied this game for the first time and I didn't really know what this guy really was I used to call him "Tio Chico".
Who is "Tio Chico" ? Does any of you remember the "Addams Family" show? So, You'll probaly remember of Uncle Fester, "Tio Chico" is how they called him in the brazilian version of the show. 

  uncle Fester

So, I decided to draw this: 

Claire X uncle Fester

And I'm really proud of this drawing XD I think I never did a funny drawing, It is a cute mangá version of Claire Redfield, one of the main character on the RE series ready to punch uncle Fester. If I can think Mr.X is uncle Fester, she can think uncle Fester is Mr.X, right? xD
Claire Redfield

As I really enjoyed drawing this, I'll be probably doing more soon as I get time xD And sure, I'll post them here. 

So, that's it! I'll try to post something more tomorrow, probably about some vinyl records I also found while I was cleaning my room.

I wish a nice saturday night for you guys :-)

see ya~