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AMADEUS - 浄められた夜

Hey, hi!
Last saturday I've recorded a song from the AMADEUS "SUMMER TOUR" video for a friend so, I decided to share it on youtube.
The song is called " 浄められた夜  ", and they havent released it on any of their CDs or demos.

Unfortunatelly, I havent converted it to DVD yet, so, I had to record it thourgh the television using my mobile.
For my surprise the quality arent that bad, the video quality are pretty ok and you can perfectly listen to the song using earphones, you can even hear my dogs barking for some seconds xD 

I think this is the first time this song and video are shared on the internet, so I hope you enjoy it :3
Soon as I convert it to DVD I'll be riping and sharing a better version with you guys so, see ya~!